50 Essential Cyber Security Facts 
for Business Owners

Nearly every business in operation needs to be online in some capacity to reach clients or customers.
Alongside the rise of the internet, there has been a constant threat in the form of cybercrime, scams,
hackers, etc. And while that is not a reason to hold back on expanding into online spaces in nearly any
industry, it is a factor that needs to be taken into account and needs to be addressed.

There is also the matter of trying to stay ahead of the curve in terms of cybersecurity, alongside the
security concerns of the past. Cybercriminal activity is a big business, and so is cybersecurity. As we will
see, billions of dollars are active on both sides, and that number will only grow. While of course, you do
not need to spend billions of dollars yourself, you do need to stay abreast of the situation and prepare
countermeasures to potential threats.

Here is what you need to know in 2022 and the information you need to better prepare yourself and your

Some Simple Facts About Hacking and Cybercriminals

Starting out, we think it would be best to clear up some potential misconceptions about how hacker
operate, what they do, and how they are organized. It might not be what you think, and it certainly i
how most movies portray them (whether in a positive or negative light).

Hackers will generally not spend days at their computers trying to break through the heaviest encryption
layers. They might do so for sport, but if they are trying to make money (and the vast majority of the
serious ones are), they will look for the path of least resistance. They're likely to be passive in their
efforts, either out of laziness or the desire to work on other projects at the same time.

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