Are you looking to provide your students and young adults with an inspirational seminar? If Yes then look no further than Herb Ammons. He will leave your audience feeling energized, excited, and ready to achieve their personal and professional dreams. He is the real man who can induce some dramatic improvements in the morale and motivation of your audience. 

After all, motivation is the only key that drives a human being and business to reach top level.

Herb Ammons is a Life Skills Speaker who uses purposeful storytelling and interactive exercises to teach students the “12 Happy Life Secrets” and help them identify positive behaviors to help deal with the challenges of everyday life. In the process, they will recognize their own set of skills that they can apply to make better day-to-day and life choices. According to Herb, it is essential to cultivate positive attitude within an individual in order to perform best even during tough times. 

Herb Ammons shares highlights from the various programs that he has presented to college students in the classroom, conferences and keynote events.

"Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow ..."

- Albert Einstein

Herb uses the wisdom and inspiration of philosopher and scientist, Albert Einstein, arguably the smartest man ever to have lived, to open the minds and hearts of audiences from across the globe.

Herb’s programs aim at developing practical competence skills in the rapidly changing life of a student by addressing areas that include managing personal affairs, goal setting and achievement, and health and wellness. Herb helps students deal with the college blues, the mental stress of new people and new experiences, new classmates and roommates, the dating scene and more of the experiences that are all new to college students in their first years.

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How students can get benefit from Herb’s Life Skills Messages?

It is a fact that students and many people all over the world are facing immense pressure to achieve goals. Despite of hard competition, everyone is jostling to attain 1st rank in their respective fields. The major constraint is the motivation and encouragement. By attending Herb’s encouraging presentations, students and others can eliminate numerous psychological and emotional barriers easily. Let’s have a look how your students or clients can take enormous benefits from this program!

  • Students will enjoy a significant improvement in their productivity. 
  • They will be able to build positive relationship with others around them.
  • They will cultivate an amazing attitude of gratitude 
  • Consistently attain best outcomes irrespective of unfavorable conditions
  • Students can have more confidence and power to transform dreams into reality
  • They can eliminate devastative negative behaviors within 
  • Students can gain a unique visibility to see things in a different manner
  • One can live happier and prosperous life Or life would change entirely after attending the seminar.  

Why Hire Herb?

➢ Program Focus on Happiness, Health, & Productivity 

➢ Comfortable with Audiences of All Sizes

➢ Custom-Designed Seminars for targeted Audience 

➢ Includes Pre-Seminar Planning Sessions 

➢ Official Guest Welcoming 

➢ Farewell & Thank You to Guests 

➢ So Much More!

You also get unparalleled support by email, phone, and face to face meetings as your event day approaches. Also, please check our testimonial letters to get a clear insight about Herb’s presentations. He will even visit your venue to verify the facility features. There's nothing Herb won't do for you!

Book Herb Ammons for your next campus event:

EMAIL:  herb@herbammons.com

PHONE: 561-309-1326

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