Herb Ammons, is a Real Estate Entrepreneur. He is a multi-passionate, self-driven individual with an extensive background in project management, entrepreneurship, and real estate. Throughout four decades, he has earned the reputation as a seasoned leader across multiple industries.

After many bouts of negativity experienced throughout his journey as an entrepreneur, he sought profound change. Herb's most profound discovery was his knack for public speaking, which lead to “Secrets to Your Happy Life.” And this is exactly what brought about his current motto: “Your Happy Life is an Inside Job.”

Additionally, Herb, along with his lovely wife, Gladys authored a motivational quote book entitled, “Hope For Tomorrow: A Book of Motivational Quotes.”  In the past, they have even worked together in the area of public relations and media production. Gladys Kidd & Associates specialized in public involvement services for various transportation projects.  This experience is documented in their second book, "Small Business Playing Big: The Game of Government Contracting."

Herb's chief aim is to transform both your inner and outer world via his one-of-a-kind tactics that he learned as a life-long student. Ultimate inspiration and encouragement is his mission.

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