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Rediscover Your Passion for Living
When Facing a Midlife Crisis

Research indicates that passion and perseverance are excellent predictors of feelings of fulfillment and success in life. Those qualities can wane during middle age if you focus on regrets and unfulfilled dreams. Even if you've let golden opportunities pass by, you can change the story and instill positivity and passion in your daily life. Use the following ideas from Herb Ammons for inspiration and happiness.

Recognize Your Greatness

No matter what you consider your failures, you have unique talents and strengths. Keep a list of all of your achievements in life. Bask in the times you improved someone else's circumstances. Think of the warm friendships you've developed and the income you've generated for yourself and others over the years. Such reflection helps you remember your life has value and meaning.

Write a Vision Statement

Another way to stay focused is to write a personal vision statement that puts you on track for what you want to accomplish in life, personally and professionally. Middle age may depress you because you're more conscious of your remaining years. However, unlike your first few decades, where you may have lacked the resources and agency, you now have total control of decisions with greater knowledge and resources to pursue your goals.

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Remove limited beliefs for greater success in your life

Herb Ammons has a message for people who are are plagued by self doubt; feeling this way is normal and you are not the first or the only one to ever have this happen. While knowing that it is ‘normal’ to face self doubt and even depression, Herb offers a source of encouragement.

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