The most common eye and vision problems experienced
by people in this age group are due to visual stress
and eye injuries.

49.    Avoid visual stress by getting some distance: Reading, writing, and other work should be done at a distance equal to the length between hand and elbow.


50.    Maintain proper lighting in work spaces and eliminate glare to improve and maintain eye health.


51.    Mom was right. You should sit about 8 feet away from the television to prevent stress on the eyes.


52.    Choose sports and activities that require seeing far away (more than a couple of feet in distance) to counter time behind a computer or written work.


53.    Seek regular eye care from a professional provider including screenings and vision maintenance.


54.    Wash hands often, especially after using any kind of chemicals and wear goggles and other safety gear when your activities could cause eye injury due to debris, hazardous substances, and projectiles.


55.    Don’t forget your helmet.  A helmet with a polycarbonate shield or wire mask not only protects your head, it protects your eyes.


56.    Own a pair of UV protective sunglasses and wear them while driving, playing, or working outdoors.


Note that the above tips are general guidelines and are not intended to replace the advice or knowledge of a physician or healthcare professional.  Seek out expert advice and help if you have questions or concerns about your health.

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