Mental health problems are another
serious issue for young adults.

25.    Get eight hours of sleep each night.  Your body and your mind need it to stay healthy and function properly.


26.    Enjoy the company of your pets.  It sounds simple, but pets can offer unconditional love as well as offering a sense of responsibility.


27.    Do good for others. Seeing the impact of your own positive action is a mood lifter and builds self-esteem.


28.    Good nutrition is tied to mental health, too, so eat properly.  Your food really does affect your energy levels and mood.


29.    Find work you love or volunteer for a cause in which you believe.  You’ll feel more productive and appreciated.


30.    Get outside more.  Sunlight lifts your spirits, so enjoy more outdoors social activities and exercise—or find a useful outdoor hobby like gardening.


31.    Keep stress at bay by learning to control it.  When you manage your stress, you have better control of your life.


32.    Avoid recreational drugs and alcohol. Long-term, these substances can have negative effects on your emotions.


Note that the above tips are general guidelines and are not intended to replace the advice or knowledge of a physician or healthcare professional.  Seek out expert advice and help if you have questions or concerns about your health.

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