Drug abuse is a serious public health
problem among young adults.

33.    Know the risks:  Drug use can lead to impaired operation of motor vehicles, major health issues, unsafe sexual activity, mental impairment and even brain damage. Understand that drug use and abuse can have devastating effects.  Save yourself and those you love the pain of ever starting.


34.    Remember that a balanced life is key. Keep your priorities in order and understand that recreational or other drug use has no place in a healthy lifestyle.


35.    Learn how to deal with stress.  Exercise, seek counseling, get creative or volunteer your time to a good cause when things get rocky.  Remember that substance use and abuse only compounds your problems.


36.    Be prepared to say “no.”  Envision situations in which you might be offered drugs and have a plan to avoid drug use altogether.


37.    If you are have a dependency problem already, such as legal tobacco use or drinking, you should understand that giving up one addiction by substituting another can be unhealthy.  Speak to your physician about healthier alternatives and how to successfully implement them in your life.


38.    If you have a drug problem and want to stop, ask for help.  Withdrawing from drugs can be dangerous and sometimes even deadly without proper medical support.


39.    Avoid settings where you know drugs will be available and accessible.  An ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure if you can avoid the temptation to try/use a drug from the beginning.


40.    Be aware of any biological, environmental and physical risk factors you have so that you can deal with them, these include a history of family addiction, or other issues that might make you more susceptible to drug use.

Note that the above tips are general guidelines and are not intended to replace the advice or knowledge of a physician or healthcare professional.  Seek out expert advice and help if you have questions or concerns about your health.


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