Type 2 Diabetes has been described as a new epidemic in the American pediatric and young adult population.

41.    Maintain a healthy body weight. About 85% of people diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes are overweight.


42.    Check in with your family physician.  Eye exams, blood pressure tests, and other screenings should be used to ensure all is well with your health.


43.    Stay active.  Exercise helps you maintain a healthy weight and reduce stress naturally, and it can also lower your blood sugar.


44.    Stop smoking or don’t start.  Heavy smokers are at higher risk for Diabetes.


45.    Watch those carbs. Managing carbohydrates in your diet helps keep your blood sugar at a healthy level.  Fruits, veggies, and other high fiber foods are usually good choices.


46.    Get enough rest. Remember lack of sleep leads to poor eating habits which in turn can lead to health problems such as Type 2 Diabetes.


47.    Relax.  Stress elevates blood sugar, so keep your stress levels under control through meditation, yoga, exercise, and other activities.


48.    Watch your red meat consumption.  Too much red meat, especially processed meats, may increase the risk of Type 2 Diabetes.


Note that the above tips are general guidelines and are not intended to replace the advice or knowledge of a physician or healthcare professional.  Seek out expert advice and help if you have questions or concerns about your health.

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