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"Secrets To Your Happy Life."

It can be difficult for any business to survive and thrive in today’s difficult economy. Managers and owners everywhere are struggling to find ways to increase the productivity of their workers and lower their operational costs just to survive. After years of proven research, industries the world over are starting to realize that the key to increasing worker productivity and lowering business overhead lies in the ability to motivate their workforce.

In a ground-breaking study published in the December, 2004, issue of the journal <i>Medical Care</i>, it was established that happier workers are more productive at work. In a review from the <i>Harvard School of Public Health</i> that was published in April, 2012, it was found that workers that possess traits such as optimism and happiness were linked to lower incidents of illness and disease, particularly a lower risk for heart and other cardiovascular diseases.

Workers that are happier are healthier and they are more productive; both of which help businesses to increase productivity while lowering costs for medical care benefits and time away from work. When profit margins are thin, increased worker productivity can help ensure a business’s survival.

Sadly, the Conference Board, Inc. reports that 55% of American workers claim to be unhappy in their jobs. While this is a discouraging number, there are actions that you can take to motivate your workers into learning how to be happy both on and off the job.

Increasing productivity and lowering costs by helping your workforce and management team to learn how to be happy and content in all areas of their lives is not a pipe dream. In fact, many businesses in various industries world-wide, from education to manufacturing, are already taking advantage of a proven way to capture this elusive goal and, thus, improve productivity, loyalty and retention for their organization. If you want to increase your business’ chance at success, you just need to discover and implement the same powerful program that many successful businesses are already following--"Secrets To Your Happy Life."

My name is Herb Ammons and I have helped many individuals all over the world to discover how to obtain happiness in their lives. I draw on past experiences to encourage audiences that a happy and prosperous life is possible no matter what your circumstance. Audiences learn practical methods to obtain happiness and maintain contentment by following the advice that “Your Happy Life Is an Inside Job."

As a motivational speaker, I base my methodologies on the teachings of Albert Einstein. I am adept at inspiring people and giving them tools to change their lives. My life is focused on helping others achieve happiness and prosperity through Albert Einstein's quote: "Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow."

My goal is to improve the morale and performance of your organization's employees, and to provide a unique inspirational and motivational message that effectively improves a person's happiness and feelings of fulfillment -- not only in their jobs, but in their lives.

Don’t let your company be another victim to the current economic downturn. You can take action today to start to learn how to motivate your workforce into being happier and therefore healthier and more productive, which will help to ensure your business’s success and survival.

For more information on how I can help you to increase the productivity of your workforce please take a moment to review a small sample that can be found in my successful program, "Secrets To Your Happy Life."

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When you begin to implement "Secrets To Your Happy Life," in your workforce, you will be amazed at the transformation that takes place in your organization, seemingly overnight. Please feel free to review just a small sampling of the success stories and testimonials of many happy businesses and individuals that my program has helped to achieve happiness.

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If you need additional information about how I can help you to motivate your workforce and increase your company’s success, or would like to schedule your free consultation or a future speaking engagement, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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