An Inspirational Message to Change Your Outlook 

Have you noticed how easy it is to get caught up in the negatives of daily life? Everyone seems to be unhappy with something . . . their job, their spouse, their life. Maybe it’s time for a “happiness intervention!” For your next event, why not hire a dynamic speaker with the power to remind you and your audience that every moment is an opportunity to change your circumstances.

Herb Ammons' Keynote Video was recorded during the
Fall Commencement Ceremonies at Miami Lakes Education Center.

It can be difficult for any business to survive and thrive in today’s difficult economy. Managers and owners everywhere are struggling to find ways to increase the productivity of their workers and lower their operational costs just to survive.

In a ground-breaking study published in the December 2004, issue of the journal Medical Care, it was established that happier workers are more productive at work. In a review from the Harvard School of Public Health that was published in April 2012, it was found that workers that possess traits such as optimism and happiness were linked to lower incidents of illness and disease, particularly a lower risk for heart and other cardiovascular diseases.

My goal is to improve the morale and performance of your organization's employees, and to provide a unique inspirational and motivational message that effectively improves a person's happiness and feelings of fulfillment -- not only in their jobs, but in their lives.

Don’t let your company be another victim of the current economic downturn. You can take action today to start to learn how to motivate your workforce into being happier and therefore healthier and more productive, which will help to ensure your business’s success and survival.

Whether your event requires a 15-30-minute lecture or a 60-minute keynote speech, “Secrets to Your Happy Life” is certain to encourage and inspire.

This message is perfect for:

• Lecture Series

• Leadership Retreats

• Conference Keynotes and Workshops

• Any event where a speaker is needed!

The programs are customized based on the occasion and can be 15 or 30 minutes or as long as 45-60 minutes for a Keynote program.

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